Room #1:
The Illuminati


Reclusive conspiracy theorist Ziggy Roswell has gone missing!

No one believed him when he claimed that The Earth is run by a cabal of shape-shifting intergalactic lizards.

He claimed that they run the EU, NATO, the NSA, The Vatican, China, Russia. That they control every war, every uprising, all the intelligence services. That the moon is a hollow, reality-controlling super computer, and that they use wifi to enslave the human mind.

No one believed him, everyone thought he was nuts…But maybe he was on to something.

Enter his world, find out what he was working on.
See what info he’s left lying around and eventually work out what’s become of him.

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Room #2:



In Nostromo, you enter an abandoned spacecraft. We suspect that the Reptilians have killed the crew, disabled the critical systems on the craft set it on a course to crash to Earth and fled. In one hour the craft will enter the Earth’s gravitational field, the point of no return. You must convince the onboard computer HAL to change course… but how?